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Finding your fitness

What does health and fitness mean to you?

The media seems to want to make it more complicated than it needs to be. If you try to follow their dietary advice you could be eating everything or nothing depending on the day. The advice around exercise can leave us just as confused. Do we exercise hard for a short period of time or just try to maximise our daily step count?

Social media has made everyone an expert. It is hard to separate the useful from the nonsense. Celebrity endorsement has become a quick way for companies to sell us any manner of dietary or exercise advice without any proof that it works.

Given the huge amount of conflicting information out there, I am going to try and make things clearer for you. I will give you practical actionable advice to help you improve your health and happiness. As a start, I encourage you to think about how active you currently are. We know that increasing your activity level can improve heart and lung health. It can support weight loss. It can improve mental health.

If you are currently not very active, then start with small changes and build up slowly listening to your body as you go! Getting outside for a walk has been proven to improve your physical health and your happiness.

If you are already more active great! Have you got stuck in a rut or do you get bored doing the same thing time and again? Could trying something new reinvigorate your exercise and make it fun again?

If you usually enjoy cardio (think running or cycling) then how about trying out some weight training? If you usually exercise solo what about trying a class? If you are struggling to fit things in could you make time for a short swim or run before work?

Your challenge is to open your calendar, book in and then do something new this month!

Good luck finding something that makes you smile!

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