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Introducing Jo

Helping You Move Forward

I seemed to be living a dual life – Jo Durndell the corporate career woman and Jo Grey the wife and mum. And then I realised…instead of looking at that as a drain, it was actually a great articulation of the growth and change our family was going through.

My career was built on building partnerships and understanding the people I work with. People development and relationships have always been my passion… growing and developing the talented employees and business partners I worked with is what I take most pride from in my career.

I have 16 years corporate experience, leading finance teams as a strategic finance partner to Sales & Marketing VP’s in EMEA, working for one of the largest and most innovative technology companies in the world. I am a qualified management accountant, I’ve always said “… but I’m not a traditional accountant”!

My coaching style focuses on the whole person… we are the sum of our experiences & the people around us. So, although we may come to coaching with an area or topic to work on, I feel it’s vital to talk and explore broadly (and sometimes weirdly!), as that’s often where we find the best insights.

Ben and I are the proud (if tired) parents of 2 children and, given we're both self-employed, we enjoy a flexibility that enables us to home educate them. 

Like many people, the route to completing our family was rough, having 3 miscarriages before my son came along in 2017. There’s probably a blog post or two on getting through miscarriages, maintaining a pressured job involving international travel and still growing and developing your career, but let’s just say having the right people supporting you is vital.

For me though, the biggest impact of that experience was the reflection on what I wanted to do with my life. I realised I needed to spend more time following my passions and invest my energy in people that inspire me. 

So, here we are today… Durndell Grey Coaching. I look forward to saying hello and learning more about you.