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Passionate about enabling change
1:1 Personal Growth Coaching with Jo

In the noisy, busy lives so many of us live, having a time in our week that is dedicated just to ourselves can be a luxury we think we cannot achieve.

And when we're feeling tired, fed up and a little lost, it can be even harder to make it happen.

But to build a new way of living - intentionally and in a way that fulfils us - we need that time and space.

Somewhere we can be... where we can learn and grow, express fears and doubts.


Your coaching sessions will be a safe space for you to challenge yourself - to be honest with yourself about your dreams, to set goals that are bigger than you've ever dared before and to build & execute your plan. 

Building confidence - in yourself and in your dreams - helps to make everything real. Working together, we will get you into the position to go out and change your world.

I work with people who are ready to make huge strides forward, who want clarity and accountability to achieve their goals.


Below are some examples of the situations people might bring to coaching - but we're all unique, so don't worry if you don't "fit in the box". In fact, I'll be really excited when you don't!

Typical investment in 1:1 performance coaching ranges from £350 per month and lasts a minimum of 3 months.

All coaching is done using Zoom - meaning we can meet wherever you are in the world.

We keep in touch between sessions, giving you support and encouragement from the sidelines.


You will own the agenda and frequency of our calls - and you'll have homework to do between sessions to enable you to achieve your goals.

Ready Leaders

Enabling you to lead from the front

Many of us come into leadership positions and inherit a team… sometimes we’re fortunate and these teams are high performing, but often they are not! Individuals who don’t get along or who just don’t have what it takes to do what you need them to do… you can feel alone in your leadership & a long way from your “dream team”.

Through coaching, you explore how you can navigate that transition, relationships and design the organisation that you need to be successful. The focus is on supporting & empowering you in your leadership role in order to take deliberate steps to develop the best organisation you can and the accountability to make it happen

On-site team building sessions also available - get in touch for bespoke options.

Wheat Field

Restless Dreamers

Guidance & Inspiration

Monday morning, the alarm goes off...what goes through your mind? Is it a sense of dread for the week ahead, wishing you didn't have to show up to a job that doesn't inspire you? Or do you have a germ of an idea - something you'd like to do "if only..."?

Here's the opportunity for you to take control - to explore your dreams, to gain the confidence in your capabilities and build your plan to make it happen... unleash the leader within!

Wandering Traveler

The Jugglers Friend

Finding your balance

If you are a woman who wants to combine having a family and a career, finding the right opportunity or company before you take the leap into family life can be one of the most critical steps in achieving the lifestyle you’re looking for.

In this coaching relationship, I aim to inspire women to take control and make active decisions in planning the work/life balance they dream of.

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