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Grow creativity, authority and resilience

At DGCoaching, we know that you're a leader.

And we know that leading can be tough, and that it can be lonely.

So we are your team and we're on your side.


We enable leaders to frame their ideas, identify their passions and achieve challenging goals.

We work on your physical and mental fitness so that you're ready.

Ready to lead, to make big changes in the world.

And ready to live. Happily and Healthily.

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You set your path

At DGCoaching, we create the space for you to work out who you are, where you want to be and what you need to do to get there.

We know that personal and professional success is inextricably linked to physical and mental health.


We have designed the our Performance Coaching programs to give you maximum flexibility, bringing together the best in Life Leadership and Business Coaching with Nutrition, Exercise and Recovery.

So whether your focus is a Happier, Healthier You; You Leading or Your Best Health - we have you covered. Check out the pages for more information about each program.

Happier Healthier You

Wheat Field

Our Premier Program - Transform Your World from £600 per month

I am really enjoying working with Jo. I have had some genuine moment with Jo where things have just clicked for me. jo has given me some great tools to help in real life, I have seen a change in my approach and thoughts about some stuff for the positive and I have much more self belief. I would really recommend this if you are feeling a bit lost, overwhelmed, or need to help access some self belief!

RH, Swindon