Contentment, Happiness, Fun, Fulfillment

At DGCoaching, we know that we all only have 1 life.

And we know that at times, we all feel lonely, lost and in need of clarity & direction.

So we are your team and we're on your side.


We enable you to be more human, more self-compassionate and have more clarity.


Being clear on your values, priorities and goals.


And clear on your plans - the changes that will let you live a life of intention. 

A life you enjoy, feel proud of and fulfilled by. 

You set your path

At DGCoaching, we create the space for you to work out who you are, where you want to be and what you need to do to get there.

We know that personal and professional success is inextricably linked to physical and mental health.


We have designed our Performance Coaching programs to give you maximum flexibility. Each program is tailored to your needs, meaning each coaching program is as unique as you are.


Your Life

This program gives you the space to step back from the busy day-to-day and decide what you actually want from your life and work. We will delve into what makes you tick and build a plan that lets you spend more of your 'wild and precious life' doing it.

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Your Best Health

Health and fitness means different things to different people. This program provides you with a Health & Fitness Concierge service - personalising your exercise and fitness program to your needs. You'll have support and accountability - helping you become the healthiest version of you that you dreamed of.

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The Total Package

 A holistic transformation program, bringing together the very best in Life, Business, Health and Nutrition Coaching. Sometimes, you just can't decide what area to focus on - and The Total Package means you don't have to. This program is for you if you're ready to overhaul the way you live, to become a more fulfilled and truly content you.

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I am really enjoying working with Jo. I have had some genuine moment with Jo where things have just clicked for me. jo has given me some great tools to help in real life, I have seen a change in my approach and thoughts about some stuff for the positive and I have much more self belief. I would really recommend this if you are feeling a bit lost, overwhelmed, or need to help access some self belief!

RH, Swindon